Interview with Martin J. Hillenbrand, March 9, 2004

Collection: Martin J. Hillenbrand Oral History Collection

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Dr. Martin Hillenbrand interviewed by John Stark. Hillenbrand discusses the European Union, the economic impacts of European colonialism, and post-World War II Europe. He talks about Winston Churchill, his impact on Great Britain, and his speeches. Hillenbrand discusses European leaders, including West Germany Chancellor Konrad Adenauer. Hillenbrand discusses the progress towards European unity and how the fear of communism and internal politics within European countries have affected the goal of acheiving unity. He also talks about the role of Slavic regions and the former Soviet Union in the new European Union.
Hillenbrand speaks extensively about the impact of the Cold War on European unity, suggesting that the Cold War absorbed the attention of both American and European leaders and caused more resources to be invested in NATO. Hillenbrand discusses attitudes towards Germany post-WWII, the German economic recovery and the Morgenthau Plan, the relationship between the American military and the German public post-WWII, and the similarities between American and German culutre. He mentions the culture of the Soviet Union. Hillenbrand dicusses current world economies, including the "economic war" between Europe and the United States, the role of superpowers, and economic growth in developing countries like India and China.






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