Interview with Norman Underwood, May 15, 2008

Collection: Reflections on Georgia Politics Oral History Collection

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Norman Underwood discusses the political careers of Georgia Governors Carl Sanders, Jimmy Carter, and George Busbee, as well as the major campaigns and issues that characterize the political atmosphere of late twentieth century Georgia. Some topics include the end of the county unit system, race relations, education policy, and shifts in party politics. As a student at George Washington University, Underwood worked as an intern for Senator Richard B. Russell, Jr. After earning his law degree in 1966, Underwood was hired by Carl Sanders' law firm, Troutman Sander, LLP, becoming a partner in 1973. He served as George Busbee's campaign manager in the 1974 gubernatorial election, and served as Busbee's executive secretaary when he was governor. He was appointed as a judge to the Georgia Court of Appeals in 1979, and Zell Miller later appointed him to the Judicial Selection Committee. After his years in public office, Underwood returned to Troutman Sanders, LLP as a senior counsel.






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