Interview with John Stuckey, November 4, 2017

Collection: Two-Party Georgia Oral History Project

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John Stuckey grew up in rural Louisiana and served five years in the military, primarily organizing military intelligence at the Pentagon. He attended Louisiana State University and obtained his J.D. from George Washington University. Stuckey became involved in Republican politics when employed by the Republican National Committee while in law school. He worked as an aide on Richard Nixon's presidential campaign and managed Bill Brock's congressional campaigns in 1966 and 1968, later serving as Brock's chief of staff from 1971-1977. Stuckey moved to Georgia to start a career in law in 1977. In Georgia, Stuckey became the Coweta County Republican Party Chairman and later the congressional district chairman. He also served as Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party from 1987-1989. During his tenure as chairman, he had to respond to the emergence of the conservative Christian Right bloc within the Republican Party. Aside from politics, Stuckey owns his own law firm, John Stuckey & Associates LLC.






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