Interview with Lea Agnew, February 18, 2020

Collection: Two-Party Georgia Oral History Project

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Lea Agnew was born in Atlanta and grew up in southwest Atlanta. She earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Georgia’s Grady School of Journalism. Agnew became active in politics during the 1968 presidential elections, and she eventually worked as a campaign staffer and assistant to U.S. Representative Fletcher Thompson, Georgia House Minority Leader Michael Egan, and Georgia Senate Minority Leader Paul D. Coverdell. She also served as Mike Egan’s administrative assistant during his tenure as Associate U.S. Attorney General in Washington D.C. Since 1983, Agnew has worked in corporate and non-profit communications as owner and operator of Write to the Point. She resides in Fayette County.

Agnew talks about her childhood growing up in south Atlanta and attending the University of Georgia. She discusses her early interest and involvement in Republican politics. Agnew recalls working on U.S. Representative Fletcher Thompson’s unsuccessful 1972 U.S. Senate campaign. She reflects on her work with Republican Michael J. Egan. Agnew talks about working for U.S. Deputy Attorney General Mike Egan during the Carter administration, including life in Washington D.C. She describes working with Georgia Senate Minority Leader Paul D. Coverdell at Coverdell & Company and volunteering for Coverdell’s successful 1992 U.S. Senate campaign. Agnew reflects on Mike Egan and Paul Coverdell’s political approach and style. The interview closes with Agnew’s thoughts on demographic change and the future of Georgia politics, including U.S. Senator Kelly Loeffler’s 2020 special election campaign.






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