II. Americus, Georgia

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Series II. Americus, Georgia, interviews were recored in Americus, Ga., at the Lee Council House in December 2013. Interviews were made possible through a partnership between the Russell Library, the UGA Archway Partnership, and the Americus Downtown Development Authority.

All interviews in this collection have been indexed in OHMS.

Interviews in this Collection (8):


Georgia Hooks was born in Americus, Georgia in 1945. He grew up in Americus and served five terms in the Georgia House of Representatives. Hooks later served in the Senate, where he worked in the Appropriations Committee along with other senate…


Charles Fedrick Crisp grew up in Americus, Georgia in the 1960’s. He is the great-great grandson of Speaker of the House, Charles Fredrick Crisp (1891-1895). In this interview, Crisp talks about his family’s connection to the Bank of Commerce, his…


Russell Thomas Jr. was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1934, though he grew up in Americus, Georgia. He graduated from Auburn University in 1956 with a bachelor’s degree in agricultural administration and served as mayor of Americus for fifteen years.…


William S. Harris was born in Tampa, Florida in the late 1930’s and was raised in Americus, Georgia from the age of five. He attended Americus High School and later South Georgia Technical College. He joined the Navy for two years after which he…


Jane Wilson Butler Abernathy was born in Americus, Georgia, though she has lived the majority of her life in Leslie, Georgia. She graduated from Georgia Southwestern State University and The Military College of South Carolina in 1972 and 1978,…


Willie Green Cutts talks about being raised by his grandmother and helping his grandfather with farming rather than finishing school. He discusses working as an entertainer, his experience as a farmer, and how he acquired his land. Cutts also shares…


Milton Raven was born in Plains, Georgia in 1931 though he grew up in Archery, Georgia as the youngest of five brothers. In this interview, Raven describes his upbringing, college education, work in the Army and his career as a teacher and principal.


Linda Fuller Degelmann was born in Birmingham, Alabama in 1941. While in her thirties, Degelmann moved to Americus, Georgia with her husband Millard Fuller and their three children. While in Americus, Degelmann lived on Koinonia Farms before she…

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