Interview with Ruby Moore, April 12, 2017

Collection: Georgia Disability Community Oral History Project

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Ruby Moore talks about her experience investigating the death of 14–year old Sarah Crider, who was under the care of a Georgia state hospital when she died. Moore talks about the settlement agreement reached between the State of Georgia and the Department of Justice against the wishes of stakeholders and advocacy groups. Moore talks about how advice and contributions from out-of-state resources assisted in the reform of the Georgia mental health care system. Moore describes the shortcomings of the settlement agreement, including the lack of litigation to improve conditions specifically for those with developmental disabilities.
Ruby Moore has more than thirty years of experience in assisting people with disabilities to obtain jobs and careers. Previously, Moore has worked on projects that involve setting up and providing national and state employment technical assistance in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Connecticut. Moore also ran a demonstration model program in New England designed to help people with dual-sensory impairments attain employment. At the time of the interview, Ruby Moore served in as executive directory of the Georgia Advocacy Office, part of the larger implementation of the Protection as Advocacy System (P&A) for people with disabilities.






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Ruby Moore and Alison Barkoff, “Interview with Ruby Moore, April 12, 2017,” UGA Special Collections Libraries Oral Histories, accessed May 25, 2024,