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The Georgia Disability Community Oral History Project began in 2015 when the Richard B. Russell Library organized the “Georgia Disability History Symposium: Stories of Advocacy and Action” to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Interviews have been recorded in the Athens and Atlanta areas, and document the work of disability advocates, current and former mental health professionals in Georgia, and the experiences of parents of children with autism.

Please reference the Georgia Disability History Archive, which contains paper collections from well-known Georgia disability advocates and professionals, some of whom also have interviews in this collection.

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Interviews in this Collection (18):


Bill Bowen lives in Watkinsville, Georgia in Oconee County. He lives with his wife Eva Bowen and is the father of his only son, Billy Bowen, who was diagnosed with Asperger’s during the fifth grade. Bill works as a video editor for CNN. Bowen…


Tatiana Anthony was born in Decatur, Georgia and attends the University of Georgia as a full time student. Tatiana Anthony discusses living with her younger brother, Jacob, who was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. She gives insight into how…


Tom Graf reflects on his life work in providing change for those who suffer from mental disabilities. Graf describes his early life as a blue-collar worker, before his eventual change of path into providing care for the mentally disabled. Graf…


Eve Byrd talks about her and Tom Bornemann’s reaction to the series of exposé articles published in The Atlanta-Journal Constitution over the care of patients in Georgia mental state hospitals. Byrd describes her experience working with Dr. William…


Ruby Moore talks about her experience investigating the death of 14–year old Sarah Crider, who was under the care of a Georgia state hospital when she died. Moore talks about the settlement agreement reached between the State of Georgia and the…


Thomas Bornemann discusses his reaction to the series of articles published by The Atlanta-Journal Constitution. The interviewer, Lei Ellingson, and Bornemann discuss meetings held with advocates from the Georgia mental healthcare system with the…


Joshua Norris discusses the interactions between the Department of Justice and the Georgia Advocacy Office over the expośe articles written by The Atlanta-Journal Constitution concerning the treatment of patients at Georgia state mental health…


Doug Scott discusses the definition of Supportive Housing, and explains the status of chronic homelessness. Scott compares the societal cost of chronic homelessness vs. supportive permanent housing. Scott and the interviewer, Talley Wells, talk about…


Sue Smith, Sue Jamieson, and the interviewer, Cynthia Wainscott discuss their experience working together prior to the Georgia vs. Department of Justice hearing. Smith and Jamieson discuss the shortcomings of the settlement agreement that was reached…


Talley Wells talks about his work in the Disability Integration Project as part of Atlanta Legal Aid. Wells talks about the U.S. Department of Health and Human Service's mandate for Georgia to develop an Olmstead Plan in order to adhere to the…


Gab Rich talks about her position at Atlanta Legal Aid as a paralegal in the Disability Integration Project. Rich recalls the early days of the Nick Project, a committee-led social project with the mission of providing services to people with mental…


Harriet Van Norte talks about how she came to work in the Department of Public Health as the admissions coordinator of the state mental health hospitals, and remembers the growth in community services in the early 1970s. Van Norte talks about how she…

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