Interview with Joshua Norris, April 12, 2017

Collection: Georgia Disability Community Oral History Project

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Joshua Norris discusses the interactions between the Department of Justice and the Georgia Advocacy Office over the expośe articles written by The Atlanta-Journal Constitution concerning the treatment of patients at Georgia state mental health hospitals. Norris shares the initial reaction of advocacy groups and stakeholders to the settlement agreement reached by the State of Georgia and the Department of Justice. He explains the process of creating the amici of the court in advance of the settlement hearing. Norris talks about the specifics of the settlement hearings and explains which organizations made up the amici. Norris describes the shortcomings of the settlement agreement in reforming conditions of care for people with developmental disabilities, and explains why litigation against the state of Georgia was only pursued in mental health care. Norris shares his regrets over the lack of specific measures to address children's needs in the rulings concerning the reform of the Georgia mental health care system.
Joshua Norris worked as a lawyer at the Georgia Advocacy Office (GAO) and later as Deputy Legal Directory of Children's Rights at the Southern Poverty Law Center. Norris also operates his own law practice, Joshua H. Norris LLC, where he litigates cases relating to Medicaid benefits and services on behalf of people with disabilities.






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